Pack of 5 New Design Tear Drop Dog Training Clickers

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Pack of 5 Tear Drop clickers 

This new ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand. Small size can be hidden in your palm or pocket so the dog can’t see it. Convenient expandable wrist strap fits round your wrist or clips onto a D-Ring, so there is no chance of losing or dropping the clicker while you train. Easy to use elevated button allows clicking in any position. Makes a good clear sound every time! 

*Clicker training is an easy way to reinforce positive behaviours. It is a simple and effective way to communicate with your dog and it can be incorporated into any training exercise. 

*The signal emitted by the clicker replaces the verbal praise dogs learn to associate with the correct behaviour. Takes the emotion out of the command that you get when you use your voice. Delivers the reward for correct behaviour quickly and concisely. 

*When your dog responds appropriately sound the clicker to any command immediately and follow with a treat reward. 

*It teaches the dog that it’s behaviour will be rewarded, allowing faster, stress free training. 

*Repeat the exercise until the dog learns the command. You may gradually phase out treats and add a new challenge. 

You can use the clicker training method with any pet. 

Clicker Training Tips 
• Train in an area without distractions 
• Be consistent while clicker training your pet 
• Always reward your pet with positive behaviour 
• Make it Fun and always finish on a positive note 

Colours: Orange, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Red